World of Tanks Pro League Finals

As one of the fastest growing titles in competitive gaming, World of Tanks will of course be represented at gamescom 2013. Be sure to visit the ESL stage and check out the action as some of the world's best players compete in the Season 2 WoT Pro League Finals.

On August 24th and 25th the finals of World of Tanks Pro League's second season will be played with a prizepool featuring €100,000. After two months of online competition, the top six teams will finally meet offline. The fight will take place between the best teams with the highest score collected during the whole season. We will see two teams from Poland - Mousesports and Evil Panda Squad, two from Russia – Team Dignitas and Virtus.Pro, one from Serbia – Kazna Kru and one international team – DeNova.


  Team Dignitas

The winners of the last season will defend their title in Cologne. Once again they were ranked in second place in the table in the online phase of the competitions. The Russian teams definitely stand out from the other participants so it’s quite possible to see both in the fight for the title.


Among all of the participants will we see representatives of Virtus.Pro – vice-champion of the first season of WoT Pro League. The Russians once again finished as a 1st place in online phase with the highest score achieved. 


Third-place winners in the inaugural season of the WPL, they did the best from all polish teams which were participating in online phase. Despite quite bad start of the season, the Poles took third place in a groupstage, so it’s only natural to expect much from them.


The European division which last season didn’t get into the finals. In the games of the Pro League Second Season they took high fourth place qualifying them for a spot in the Cologne finals.

  Kazna Kru

Serbs once again proved that they keep an equal level throughout the season. Fifth place in the table is the promotion of one point compared to the previous edition of the tournament. Certainly the players of this team are counting on the good performance in Germany.

  Evil Panda Squad

EPS in this edition of the league was unable to beat just three teams: Royal Crown Kru, Team Dignitas and The remaining were beaten at least once, which only shows that in the finals they can fight for the top places.

What is World of Tanks about?

World of Tanks is a free to play game in which players can commandeer various different tanks from across the globe. In the game there are 220 armored vehicles from America, Germany, France, the Soviet Union, China and the UK, each of which has been mapped as closely as possible in terms of history. Battles are fought on a variety of areas, ranging from the fields intersected by hills, woods, through cities, industrial areas and ending with the endless deserts. To win the game you need to capture the enemies base, destroy all their tanks or have 8 more tier points than them. If you want to start playing World of Tanks, please visit official website of the game.


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